Friday, 21 January 2011

Just a bit of light reading...

So, before Christmas, I ordered several books off Amazon, and I just thought that I would share them with you. One of the books was the Big Book of Contemporary Illustration by Martin Dawber, the link for Amazon is below.
I love just looking through these books and looking for inspiration. Some illustration's that caught my eye include:
Nadir Kianersi
"Yousef House" 2000, Pen/Ink

Stephen Wiltshire MBE
"Big Ben On A Rainy Evening" 2008, Pen/Ink/Oil pastel

Vicky Woodgate
"New York", "Eiffel Tower", "Sevilla", "Sydney Opera House" Adobe Illustrator

Joanna Barnum
"Gorilla: Bronx Zoo, NY" 2007, Watercolour/Pen/Ink/Graphite

Suzanne Gyseman
"Moonflowers" 2008, Pen/Ink

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