Monday, 30 January 2012

Hayfever time

Final-ish pieces for the Hayfever brief; had to design packaging for a children's hayfever medicine. Should get some feedback on it a week tomorrow, when we're back after assessments.

Above: Packaging for children's hayfever medicine

Above: Label for bottle of medicine

Friday, 27 January 2012

A Day with Caldecott...

As I have mentioned in a previous post, there is a Randolph Caldecott Gallery at my local Heritage Centre. Well, today I finally visited it. They didn't have as much as I remembered, but still, it was good to look at Caldecott's work in a gallery setting. Got a postcard and print of two pieces of his work, and a leaflet about him.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Reliving my childhood...

Now, I didn't know that I wanted to be a children's illustrator until I was choosing universities and courses. But, now, I am surprised at how things keep popping up that should have made me realise a long time ago. For instance, now that we in the midst of assessments, we have been given two briefs to complete while we don't have any contact time with the tutors. One of these briefs are based on the Caldecott Medal competition. When I was a child, we always used to go to the Heritage Centre in the town, and there they had various displays, and even a mini-gallery on the work of Randolph Caldecott (he spent quite a bit of time working in Whitchurch, and used some of the buildings in his work). It never clicked until I was researching Caldecott's work on the internet, and I came across the picture below, which is my most memorable piece, and I realised that this was a massive part of my childhood, and seeing his work has taken me right back to when I was younger, when I spend hours playing around with the various games/attractions on display, and reading about Randolph Caldecott and Sir Edward German. The good thing about it is, the Heritage Centre is still up and running today, and I think, the Caldecott gallery is still there, so I will be able to get some very good first-hand reference for this brief. I know what I'll be doing either this weekend or next week.

1 Conservatory + 1 Desk + 1 Fancy Chair = NEW WORK SPACE!

Recently brought this great workstation from IKEA, and, after a week, it is finely ready for use.

 Let many a illustration take place here!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

This will get a giggle...

While looking for artists on the internet, I came across this piece by a children's illustrator called Julia Woolf. I had to laugh at it.

A Christmas Story - final pieces

So, I previously posted the four images I designed for the Christmas Story brief, however, since then, we have had the group critique, and I have received feedback on these pieces. Now, I wasn't happy with these pieces anyway, and I knew they weren't as strong as the Pinocchio brief, so appreciated the constructive criticism given to me on Thursday. Anyway, I tried to take everything on board, and these are the improved versions (well, hopefully improved!)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Well, Happy 2012!

So, it's 2012! Hope it's started with a bang for everyone.
As previously mentioned, I am currently working on the Christmas Story brief. Anyway, the deadline is tomorrow! These are the pieces I have created, which I will receive feedback on in our group crit in tomorrow's session.

We will have the group crit tomorrow, where I will find out if there is anything that needs improving on it, and then it will be ready for assessments! And yes, these assessments actually mean something! The marks from these go towards our final mark at the end of the year, which in turn goes toward 30% of our final year mark. So, no pressure!