Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Enchanted Forest

So, we were given a brief, well, I say we were given one, we haven't actually seen the tutor for three weeks yet, so we're just guessing what we've got to do, but anyway, yeah, we were given a brief, and using the alphabet work we produced, we have to produce a 3D model inspired from one of the squares. The square I chose was "flamingo, a fox, and a fairy pick flowers in a forest".

So, using this square, I am planning on making an enchanted forest scene using these characters, however, I am struggling with the flamingo as he is very top heavy and very thin legs, so I have got to have a think about him. But here are what I have made so far: (they're all made from air-hardening white clay, and then painted using acrylic paint)

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