Sunday, 9 October 2011

Summer Brief work

So, if you've read a couple of my last posts, I have mentioned about the summer brief we got set, to research and come up with a bunch of characters, and place them in a narrative. Anyway, these are the characters I came up with:

The baby (8-10 months old): Not yet walking, but crawling; always has to have her hair in a high ponytail; very mischievous (likes crawling off by herself)

The eldest daughter: 5 years old; loves motorcycles; scared of dog's (neighbour has a dog, and she can't go outside when the dog is out); a real daddy's girl; gets annoyed when people assume she's a tomboy, because of her love of motorbikes.

The husband/father: 38 years old; works as a diving instructor; born in Italy; lives in St. Ives; stuck in the 70s; got a close bond with eldest daughter.

The wife/mother: 42 years old; works as captain from boat husband works on; doesn't like how her husband is stuck in the 70s, and tries to change some of the house decor etc.

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