Saturday, 26 November 2011

A Christmas Story...

So, after finishing the Pinocchio brief (finally!), we were given a new brief, which was titled 'A Christmas Story'. We can literally do anything we want for this, which I like the sound of. I'm working with ideas now, so should have it nailed down to what I'm doing by sometime next week.
Anyway, while I've been researching for this brief, I've been looking at what's in the market now, and illustrators/artists who use Christmas as one of their themes in their work. I've really started to look forward to Christmas now, so I can't wait Christmas to get here! (I've even got a countdown on the wall of our living room!).

Theses are some of the illustrators I have been looking at:

 Above: Betsy LePlatt "Joyful Elves"

 Above: Kerry Meyer "Letters to Santa"
Above: Chloe Inkpen "Zoe and Beans: Zoe's Christmas List"

Above: Emily McCann 'Angels'

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