Saturday, 27 November 2010

Hand Drawn Type

So a few weeks ago, we were doing a project on typography and The 10 Laws of Simplicity by John Maeda. I have never really studied typography, so this was new to me. We had to choose one of these laws and produce 20 (yes, 20!) design sheets with this law on, changing the type face etc., to get the message across to an audience. I found this difficult, as once I had completed my first initial ideas, I struggled to come up with new ideas, and started to repeat the same one. I am not looking forward to getting feedback on this project  : (

Another mini-project we did to tie in with typography was hand-drawn type. We were given 4 phrases and had to play around with type to create the effect of the phrase with just the type-face (some of the phrases were bath tub wrinkles, and pink Cadillac).

Found these videos of an artist called Luca Barcellona, who links in really well to hand-drawn type, as these videos are of him hand-drawing type. The fluid movements of his work leaves you hypnotized, while the final piece is just as beautiful and hypnotizing.

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